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It's a cover up

It’s a cover up!

As work proceeds ever upwards a new tin lid has now been installed to protect the work force, structure and materials from the elements. With

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Moving on Up

Moving in on up…..

It been a few weeks since my last blog on this live project in Bishop’s Stortford. Partly due to loads of work in the office,

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Floored by progress

Floored by progress…

Just a few days following pouring of the foundation concrete, the sub-dpc structure is up and the beam and block flooring has been laid. In

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And up we go

…And up we go…

After the concrete was poured at the weekend, work has now started on the sub-dpc blockwork & brickwork. Focusing at this point on straight lines

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And here we go

And here we go….

So the diggers are on site, foundations are dug, concrete has been poured and a number of the internal walls have been removed already, and

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From the start

From the start….

Starting on site is this Bishop’s Stortford extension project which has been in the design process since February 2018. A full two storey rear extension,

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