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By: Mark Wiffen

Moving in on up…..

It been a few weeks since my last blog on this live project in Bishop’s Stortford. Partly due to loads of work in the office, new appointments to deal with and, at last, a short family holiday to Cornwall. So today I called in to site and saw a huge amount of progress.Cavity walls are growing, steelwork is in and first floor joists are being laid out. Had a chat with the clients and they are very happy and looking forward to the envelope being closed in by Christmas, yes the ‘C’ word!

With the massive span of the supporting steels it has been necessary to introduce intermediate supports, in the form of circular columns, which allow the beams above to be smaller and therefore lifted up above the ceiling line. The joints of the beams are spliced using bolted plates each side of the webb of the beam. When the project is complete you shouldnt see any downstand.

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