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And here we go….

And here we go

So the diggers are on site, foundations are dug, concrete has been poured and a number of the internal walls have been removed already, and it’s only week one.

You can see that in this project the existing sewer is being retained in it’s current position. For many, the existance of a sewer will cause concern. This is easily dealt with by bridging over the pipe as it passes through the foundations and using standard details to ensure that the sewer is protected from being crushed by the extension once the site work is completed. If the sewer is shared amongst a number of properties then permission will be required from your local water authority in the form of a Building Over Agreement.

In this instance the sewer will also govern the depth of the foundations too, as it is deeper that 1.0m, the minimum required depth of foundations. So the concrete has to go beyond the depth of the foundations by 300mm to ensure that the forces exerted through the ground do not crush the pipe.

Now I love a nice staightly dug trench and this is up there with the best of them; close to perfection.